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Mediation Works

Transforms Conflict to Cooperation

          Are you getting a divorce and want to save time and money,
                   divide property fairly and write a parenting plan
                            so the children get the best of both of you?  Click here    

          Are you both willing to put some effort into your marriage?
Want to improve your communication
                                so the relationship meets more of your needs?                              
Mediate to stay married
                                                              might be your best option.
  Click here
           Do you want to create a cooperative workplace
                     where everyone collaborates and supports each other
                              to do your best work?  Click here    

            Does your non-profit organization need a skilled facilitator
                     to re-energize the board and staff?
                             A retreat can help you move forward with productive conversation

                                and effective decision making that will benefit your organization
                                          long after the meeting.  Click here

         Mediation Works will help you--

                  ˇ      find long term solutions to conflict.
create your own best solution in a productive negotiation.
help you get more of what you want in a way that is fair for everyone.  

    Contact Linda here to take the first step in resolving your conflict. 

Click here to meet Linda and see a complete description of mediation services.
                Linda Gryczan
 (rhymes with bison)
                For conflict resolution tips and info 


"Linda is my very best mediator."

Judge Dorothy McCarter
Montana First Judicial District Court
"Linda Gryczan is skilled, empathetic and effective.

A natural mediator, she easily handles conflict and disagreement, and assists people in understanding their needs and interests in order to resolve the problem.

I encourage you to call her."

Jacqueline Gibson
Senior Associate,
The Collaboration Institute
Past President,
Montana Mediation Association.


Divorce, Parenting Plans
& Property Settlement

Mediate to Stay Married

Workplace Mediation

Eldercare & Family Issues

Money & Neighborhood Disputes

Meeting Facilitation

Restorative Justice

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